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Streaq is a classic card & tile sequence board game so addicting you'll never want to put it down! Try to form one or two Streaqs (a Streaq is a sequence of five tiles in a row), in any direction, to win the game. Streaq is easy to learn and play, fun for beginners and challenging for experts.Features include:• 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard)• Play against 1 or 2 computer players• 2 gameplay speeds (normal, fast)• Choose the number of Streaqs (sequence of five tiles in a row) needed to win• Choose the number of cards dealt to each player• 6 player/opponent colors to choose from• Set custom names for each player• 16 challenging achievements to complete, including "Draw The Line" (sequence of nine tiles in a row) and "Four To Go" (get four Streaqs--sequence of five tiles--with one play)• Keep track of wins, losses, winning percentage, and more• Continue your game at ANY time, no matter what the interruption• Optimized for one-handed vertical play on any device• And more!
A note regarding computer players: All player card draws from the draw deck are 100% random. Computer players use an advanced custom AI engine and can only see their own cards (the same as a human player). Computer players are not given any artificial advantage whatsoever.